CityO analyzes investment projects at the urban and territorial scale and supports public and private organizations on strategic planning.
CityO’s activity is organized around a set of services and industry expertise:

Investment project evaluation

CityO is a specialist in the evaluation of urban and territorial investment projects. We assess the financial feasibility and the economic impact of investment projects carried out by public and private organizations.

Urban and territorial strategy

CityO helps cities, regions and local decision-makers to identify strategic goals, prioritize public policies and develop investment projects that improve urban and territorial competitiveness.

Economic research

CityO carries out quantitative and qualitative research on the economy of cities and regions with a strong expertise in the analysis of different sectors.

Training courses

CityO organizes high-level professional training courses on urban economics and territorial investment projects.

About Us

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CityO Srl is an independent urban economics research and consultancy firm founded in 2002 and based in Milan, Italy. We provide comprehensive research, advice and strategies tailored to territorial investment projects, such as urban development and cultural and transport infrastructure. CityO’s core mission is to inform and strengthen private and public sector decision-making processes that shape cities and regions. We believe in the redevelopment of the built environment that spurs economic innovation, sustainability and social well-being. We apply economic and financial analysis tools to design, assess and carry out territorial investment projects with a lasting impact on local economic development.


We follow an integrated approach to the analysis of urban and territorial investment projects centered on mutually reinforcing areas of activity. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to enhance our analyses. It combines skills in three different areas:

  • Investment evaluation methods
  • Analysis of local economies
  • Market, industry and policy analysis


Since it was established in 2002, Cityo has been involved in a large number of projects related to different types of activities and a wide range of clients, both in the public and private sectors.


Contact Us

Via Sebenico, 14, 20124 Milano MI, Italy +39 335 709 0119