Investment project evaluation

By combining our expertise in investment assessment and the economic analysis of cities and regions, we have developed a specialty in the evaluation of investment projects taking place at different spatial scale (neighborhoods, cities and towns, functional urban areas and metropolitan regions, other functional, economic and geographical areas, rural areas).
Investment projects need a place where the capital employed can turn into shapes and functions: a headquarters, a new urban district, a theatre, a biotech lab, a science park, an automated factory, a university campus, a new library, a 5G infrastructure, a major cultural event.
Some investment projects have to do with places more than others. This happens when the project feasibility parameters are very sensitive to the condition of the local economy while at the same time the investment decision affects production, jobs, quality of life in a city or region. Investments closely interwoven with a territory are territorial investment projects. This is CityO work field.
The economic assessment of investment projects requires an original set of tools every time business or policy decisions have strong ties to the economy of territories, being it a region, a city, a district, a town or a rural area.
The methods and tools we apply are part of a process: data analysis and different types of economic analysis feed - through quantitative and qualitative inputs - our financial feasibility models and our economic impact studies of the investment project.
CityO can also take part in the implementation phase of the investment with different activities: relations with local stakeholders, search for investment partners, marketing and project promotion, monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the investment after its completion.